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Fertility Success Story: Meet Jialinghuang and Carly ? ?

TW Fertility Centre - February 9, 2021 - 0 comments

At Dr. Tanya Williams Fertility Centre, we believe sharing success stories inspires perseverance and hope to other couples trying to conceive. We know the fertility journey isn’t always easy and can have its ups and downs.

For most couples, growing a family can be an unpredictable and rewarding adventure but taking the first steps with a Fertility Specialist can make all the difference. After working with us, Jialinguang welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Carly, into the world.

In this interview, Jialinguang walks us through her fertility story and experience with Dr. Tanya Williams Fertility Centre.

Fertility Success Stories of Carly

If you could summarize your entire experience with Dr. Tanya & your fertility journey in one word, what would it be and why?

“The Best.” All the staff are kind, helpful, and always made me feel warm.

Before going to Dr. Tanya, did you try any fertility tips and tricks at home? Did you feel like they helped?

No, I never tried anything.

Walk me through the emotional experience of your fertility journey with Dr. Tanya.

At the beginning we felt very scared, worried, and moody, but after meeting Dr. Tanya, she told me lots of professional tips and answers. I learned a lot and understood the process!

Let’s get technical: What fertility treatment or treatments did you go through and how many did you try before you found success?

I did Cycle Monitoring for eight months and two rounds of IUI. 

What was the most difficult moment throughout the whole process?

The waiting period and blood draw were very difficult.

What helped you the most through the hardest parts of your fertility journey?

I had to just relax, listen to myself, and listen to Dr. Tanya.

How has your life changed since your experience with Dr. Tanya?

It has changed a lot. Thank you to the team and to Dr. Tanya. I now have my little princess, Carly.

Since your success with your fertility journey, have you considered options for having more children in the future?

Yes! I want to have another child, so that we have 2 kids.

Dr Tanya Fertility Success Stories

As Jialinguang said, starting your fertility journey can bring up many emotions, but it’s always worth it. 

At Dr. Tanya Williams Fertility Centre, we understand that every couple’s fertility journey is personal and presents its own set of unique challenges. We’re always eager to help families through the ins and outs of fertility treatments and preparing your body for conception and pregnancy. 

Are you on the pathway to fertility and not sure where to start? Our team of specialists is here to provide the care and support you need to grow your family. 

Fill out our patient referral form and start your journey to parenthood today.

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